1MW以上の太陽光発電所の売却をご検討の方へ 太陽光発電所、買い取ります 権利売買、開発途中・稼働済み案件問いません。対象エリアは全国です! 1MW以上の太陽光発電所の売却をご検討の方へ 太陽光発電所、買い取ります 権利売買、開発途中・稼働済み案件問いません。対象エリアは全国です!

Do you have any of these problems?

We receive many inquiries like the following:

  • You have begun selling electricity but maintenance and management is troublesome.

  • You want to earn revenue by selling or leasing your land.

  • You are an owner of land but cannot start construction as development takes a lot of time and money.

  • You want to sell your power plants after immediate depreciation.

  • You want to dispose of your power plants to eliminate the risk incurred should a fire or accident occur.

We will complete the payment in one month at the earliest from the time of your inquiry.

We can offer you a quote based on our abundant development and acquisition experience.

This does not guarantee that every payment will be made in one month, and the time taken for payment differs on a case-by-case basis.

Four easy steps to sell your solar power plants


Inquiry by filling out a form


Negotiation/document check


On-site confirmation



Please feel free to contact Renewable Japan.

What does Renewable Japan do for you

Based on our experience developing and acquiring power plants nationwide as a renewable energy operator, we will purchase your power plants in a shorter time at a higher price.


We have 38 regional offices nationwide.

With regional offices nationwide, we can conduct an on-site confirmation and survey speedily.


Development and acquisition of 1GW

Taking advantage of our know-how accumulated by developing and acquiring power plants, we can handle various problems with solar power plants.

※As of June 30, 2022

We are also interested in purchasing wind, hydro, and biomass power plants.