Corporate Philosophy


A brighter future through sustainable energy


  • Create high-quality renewable energy power plants and operate them safely
  • Leverage financial know-how to expand the use of renewable energy
  • Revitalize local communities with renewable energy

Corporate slogan

Making everyone an energy player.

Renewable Japan aims to create a society where each and every one of us, not only today but also in the next generation, can think and act independently about energy.
Our corporate slogan expresses our desire to make renewable energy more accessible to everyone, and to work with you to build a sustainable society.

The idea behind the logo

  • “R” and “J,” the initials of our English company name, are used to express our company in an easy-to-understand manner.
    Also, “RJ” is the nickname our officers and employees use to refer to our company, and as a motif, it expresses our affection for the company.
  • The white area on the left side expresses “R.” A red dot in “R” expresses the national flag of Japan and the sun.
    The national flag expresses that we are a leading company in Japan and at the same time expresses the sun, which is the main source of renewable energy.
  • The curve from the top right corner to the bottom left corner is the “J.” This thick J expresses the power of renewable energy and our company.
  • The base color is red, which expresses the national flag and sun, and also expresses “warm” relationships with communities where power stations are located.
  • “Kinaka (bronze-red)*” is used, which is the brightest red.

*Kinaka (bronze-red): Slightly yellow, bright red