Environmental Efforts

Reducing CO2 emissions through the promotion of renewable energy


Renewable energy exists in nature and can be used repeatedly. We are developing, operating, and managing renewable energy power stations and generating electricity with them in an integrated manner. We will reduce CO2 emissions through the expansion of our renewable energy business.

Issuance of Green Bonds


We issue Green Bonds, which are used exclusively to fund environmental activities. We are accelerating the promotion of renewable energy businesses and at the same time offering many people opportunities to invest in environmentally conscious business activities.

Hosting environmental education programs and hands-on workshops


We have renewable energy workshops (Energy Education) at our regional offices nationwide. These workshops are targeted mainly at third and fourth grade elementary school students. It provides an opportunity for students to raise their interest in the environment and awareness of environmental issues while learning how electricity is generated by renewable energy. With our “Hands-on Energy Education,” where people visit solar power stations, we offer visitors the opportunity to see what solar power stations are like by explaining each facility and showing aerial images taken by drones.

Support for environmental conservation activities (Medaka no Gakko [rice-fish culture program])


We, alongside local residents, participate in “Medaka no Gakko [rice-fish culture program]” in Ichinoseki City, Iwate, to support this activity.
This activity offers an environmentally friendly farming model that strikes a good balance between the preservation of Oryzias latipes, which are a threatened species, and the development of rice paddies.