Formulation of Health Declaration/Basic Health Management Policy

Renewable Japan is committed to "Sustainability Management," and in this context, we will create a framework that enables employees to feel a sense of self improvement and contribution to society. The essential foundations of "sustainability management" are "work system reforms" and "health management". We have established our basic policy based on the belief that these efforts, working in tandem to maintain and enhance a state of mental, physical and social well-being will lead to the "wellbeing management" that we are aiming for.

Health Declaration

We believe that healthy employees, both physically and mentally, who are able to maximize their individuality and abilities, will lead to the vitalization of the organization and growth of the company. We recognize the physical and mental health of our employees and their families as one of our most important management resources, and by actively supporting health maintenance and promotion activities and promoting systematic health promotion, we aim to realize a future where each and every one of employees can lead a vibrant, rich and healthy social life. Based on the vision of “A brighter future through sustainable energy”, we aim to be a company that contributes to social and economic development through our business activities.

Katsuhito Manabe
President Renewable Japan Co.,Ltd.

Basic Policy

Article 1 (Purpose)
Based on the "RJ Health Declaration," we are committed to maintaining and improving the physical and mental health of each and every one of employees so that they can demonstrate their abilities and individuality as well as working to build a foundation for the company's sustainable growth by improving the workplace environment.

Article 2 (Framework)
In order to promote and implement health management, we will organize a framework as follows:
1. In order to promote and implement health management, we will organize a Health Management Promotion Office with the President and Representative Director as the Health Management Officer.
2. The Health Management Promotion Office will develop a one year or medium-term implementation plan for health management and will promote the implementation plan in cooperation with the Safety and Health Committee, etc.
3. The Health Management Promotion Office will report regularly to the Board of Directors on the status of health management implementation.

Article 3 (Initiatives)
We will support health promotion so that each and every one of employees and family members can work spontaneously to maintain and improve their physical and mental health.
Based on compliance with laws and regulations, we will implement systematic and comprehensive health management from the viewpoint of preventive medicine, focusing on the following items.
1. Maintain and promote physical and mental health by actively engaging in workplace revitalization measures and a wide range of health initiatives.
2. Strengthen safety education and risk assessment activities to create an environment where occupational accidents do not occur.
3. Prevent illnesses of employees and their families by ensuring that they receive medical checkups and follow up on the results of such checkups.
4. Work to prevent serious illnesses, particularly diabetes and hypertension.
5. Promote efforts to balance work and family life, including measures against long working hours, promotion of taking annual leave, and support for childcare and nursing care.
6. Promote efforts to realize a future where people can live in harmony with their local communities and thrive.

Basic Policy on Procurement

Renewable Japan has established a mission to “Create high-quality renewable energy power plants and operate them safely”.
To achieve this mission and build a sustainable relationship with our partner suppliers, we have established a basic policy for procurement of parts, materials, and services.

Renewable Japan's Basic Position on Procurement

1. Quality and safety assurance
We place top priority on the safety of renewable energy power plants while strive to ensure high quality components and services with proper operation.

2. Compliance
We comply with laws, regulations, and social norms related to procurement activities. We build healthy relationships and cooperate with suppliers. We appropriately manage confidential and personal information of suppliers obtained through our procurement activities.

3. Fair and equitable transactions
In procurement, we provide open opportunities for bidding and select suppliers fairly.
We also have a broad perspective and procure the most suitable parts and services from all over the world.

4. Reduction of global environmental burden
We promote green procurement and contribute to the reduction of environmental burdens throughout our business.

Request to Suppliers

1. Compliance with laws, regulations, and social norms
We ask that our suppliers conduct their business in compliance with the laws and social norms of the country or region in which they are located.
・Compliance with laws, regulations and social norms
・Prevention of bribery and other corruption
・Exclusion of antisocial forces and persons involved in violations
・Prohibition of acts that impede fair competition
・Prohibition of Conflicts of Interest

2. Quality assurance
The cooperation of our suppliers is essential to achieving our mission of “create and safely operate high quality renewable energy power plants”.We ask that our suppliers develop a management system to maintain and improve quality and ensure a stable supply.

3. Environmental considerations
We aim to conduct our business activities in consideration of the global environment in cooperation with our suppliers. We ask that our suppliers promote the following items.
・Obtaining environmental permits and complying with relevant laws and regulations
・Initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
・Effective use of resources and waste management

4. Respect for human rights and workplace environment enhancement
We ask that our suppliers respect human rights and diversity and prevent discrimination and harassment.
・Prohibition of child and forced labor
・Prohibition of discrimination and harassment
・Appropriate workplace environment

5. Respect for community
The community is one of our most valued partners.
We request that business activities be conducted in a manner that takes into consideration of the environment and residents of the local community.

Efforts for Society